Model-View Controller Design Pattern Presentation

Quick post with a couple attachments. Recently I put together a couple presentations to present to a working group inside University of Washington.

If you are on a team or in an organization that has not heard of model-view controller, hopefully you can use this presentation to bring your team on-board with the simplicity and power of the pattern.  There is lots of information on Model-View controller all over the web but I couldn’t find a presentation that tied it all together like I wanted.  Feel free to let me know about other such presentations in the comments.

Model View Controller

The second presentation is an introduction to ASP.NET MVC – the new Microsoft web framework that substitutes Web Forms for web development. Luckily this framework released very recently and we have been using it at work. It is a pleasure to use instead of Web Forms.

Introduction to ASP .NET MVC

MVC is everywhere, let me know your thoughts on these slides and on good online resources for design patterns in general.

Download them here, or check them out on Scribd:

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