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Backlog of Reading Posts and Updated Site

Finally got around to cleaning things up on my website.  Upgraded Gallery2 and WordPress.  I also started separating my Twitter Tweets as a separate category so the daily digests will keep from cluttering the main page and my RSS feeds.  … Continue reading

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2007 In Review – The Briefest of catch up posts

My website has become remarkably stale. And honestly I don’t have the time to document all the changes that have gone on in my life since the last time I’ve posted. But I also cannot just ignore this past year … Continue reading

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“Founders at Work” by Jessica Livingston

Read from April to May 2007. This is a collection of 32 interviews with founders from recent technology startups.  The book is well written and Livingston speaks enough of the technical language to ask the right questions.  This book fules … Continue reading

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Setting up an Orkut Google Talk account in Gaim

I have recently been using Orkut more and more. Turns out most of my Indian friends are on Orkut far before any other social networking site. When using it today I noticed that they offer a Google Talk connection so … Continue reading

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An old Desk with a new Twist (add a shelf to make your workspace fabulous)

I got this idea from my former office mate (or cabin-mate).  However, when we shared an office I never followed his advice with creating a shelf on a workstation desk for the computer monitor(s). After we got moved I decided … Continue reading

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wp-cache Plugin upgraded to 2.1, along with WordPress

Funny sometimes how you forget to read documentation when everything up to this point has been point and click. So far with WordPress, I’ve essentially used Fantastico to install and upgrade the WordPress installation. Then using the elaborate UI from … Continue reading

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