“The Wisdom of Whores: Bureaucrats, Brothels, and the Business of AIDS” by Elizabeth Pisani

Product DetailsDid not get a chance to finish this as the library called it back, but read the majority of the book from February  2009 till March 2009.

Pisani documents her travels and entrance into the world of “sex and drugs” as she puts it to find out about the spread of HIV through the late 1990s.  The story moves quickly and her writing style is enjoyable.  Her perspective is pragmatic and how she writes about “whipping up” the case for HIV to get funding from the rich countries and the difficulties in getting accurate results in developing countries.  There is lots of content mixed in with great stories about the sex habits in Indonesia, Singapore, among other places.

Enjoyable read considering I know nothing about epidemialogy.  Hope to get it again from the library soon and finish it off.

Read more about it and buy it from here. Find out more from Pisani’s site as well: http://www.wisdomofwhores.com.

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A site reborn. rajatarya.com v2 is public

rajatarya website

This website, my website, is finally rebuilt and I’m happy with how it is built now and for the most part with how it looks.  There are always improvements to be made, but I am most happy with how I put this site together – like a software product – which should enable me to make a lot more changes rapidly in the future.  Please let me know what you think about the redesign in the comments.

In this post I will talk about what changes specifically have been made to the site, how it is reborn, and what plans I envision for it in the future.

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Reminder of why I love the Internet


I heart the discussion between Mark Cuban and Avner Ronen regarding the future of television content (see boxee blog » a lively debate with mark cuban).

As far as I can tell, they both are saying similar things, with Mark’s main distinction being that the cable/telcos are smart enough to realize that the ala carte television business will continue to grow – where Avner believes that TV on a schedule is a dying concept.

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Minor Site Update – Wedding Pictures Working Online now

!Shaily weds Rajat (our wedding) Very minor site update to report.  Gallery2 is updated and correctly integrated with WordPress 2.7 and the WPG2 plugin.  Also using an updated image processing library so things should be speedier now.

To check out our wedding pictures online (working correctly finally): go here.  Also notice there is a fancy slideshow plugin enabled now.

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Daddy Becomes CEO

I am super proud my dad has become CEO of Moser Baer Photovoltaic (MBPV).  Though I don’t get to see him as much with his job primarily being in India, I am really happy he is bringing his expertise in Thin Film solar cell manufacturing to India.  He is putting together a team of engineers from India that would have probably had to travel abroad to pursue their solar careers just a few years ago (much like my dad had to 30+ years ago).  I haven’t written in a long time, but wanted to make sure this news spread as quickly as possible.

Here is the press release from Business Standard and Solar Industry Magazine.  Also, the Google News results.

Proud of you dad!

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“Seize the Night” by Dean Koontz

Product Details Listened to this in November 2008 while on the roadtrip from Arlington, VA to Seattle, WA.

This is my first Koontz novel and I think he writes for a different age group.  I realized I am a fan of classic science fiction – Koontz’s type of science fiction/thriller writing is bothersome to me.  I am under the impression his audience is teenage boys or something like that with the one-sided narrative and outlandish themes.

There is little to no science in Koontz’s characters.  The main character being light-phobic is okay, but the overall story was entirely too long (for no good reason).  The last few discs were a chore to complete.

Unless you like Koontz already I would avoid this book, and I am reasonably sure I will avoid Koontz from now on for sci-fi/fiction.

Read more about it and buy it from here.

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